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Holly Christine

When I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled at me, from His great golden throne,
He said, "This is eternity and all I've promised you".
Today your life on earth is past but here it starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow, but today will always last.


Holly Christine was born November 12, 1985 at 8:39 pm after having labor induced at six a.m.
She weighed 7lbs.1oz and was 20 inches long. Holly was a beautiful baby that slept thru the night from the first night home from the hospital.  My spin on that was that she went at it so hard all day that she needed her sleep. (no naps for that girl!) She was a go getter from the begining.  She did everything way early.  She was walking by 9 months and at a full run chasing her cousins around the island in grma's kitchen by her first birthday.
Other than mom-mom and dadddddd, her first word was bath-bath, she loved to be in the tub!
When she was little, Holly went to stay with her Uncle Scott and Aunt Teresa, she had the best time! She went on and on about sitting next to the pool w/her Aunt Teresa in their swim suits and sun glasses... I wondered about the pool story till Teresa explained she'd bought Holly a wading pool and they'd sit their lawn chairs out around it, and sun bathe w/drinks,*smiles*. They had such a wonderful time.  Hols got her stuffed rabbit from them and she slept w/that rabbit till the end. Mom made the repairs on this rabbit except for a noteable exception of one time she wanted it done NOW, and mom wasn't fast enough so Hols did it herself, interesting sewing job there! She was always very determined and if you didn't do things fast enough, she was always willing to do it herself.
Her favorite expression was... Shane! did it!  (poor Shane, I don't think that ever did change over the years, no matter what happened, Shane did it!!!)
One of my fondest memories of Holly is when she was in elementary school and she'd be on stage for, say a christmas program, she'd catch my eye and sign, I Love You... what'a kid!
Holly always loved horses; although, the first pony that her and her dad bought--while mom was outside the sale barn entertaining her baby sister Anne... was nothing but trouble and she ended up so scared of it that I seriously wondered if she'd continue to even like horses.
However, she did, we sold the first one and bought Lady, a shetland pony, whom we still have. Holly could do ANYTHING with that pony, slide off any direction, either side, over the head, off the back end!  She'd take running leap and land sitting on her, she really loved that pony!  
Holly was an avid rider, who was really good w/horses, she raised and trained them.  Her game horse, Tobey whom she trained, had one problem, she never did get that horse to figure out woah/stop... I can remember screaming HOLD ON HOLLY!!! more than once! She was always going to break him of that, but never did. I personally think she got a kick out of the run.
I can remember her coming in one day with her hand over her mouth, the horse she was working with kept rearing and hit her in the mouth and knocked out tooth!  Didn't bother her any, we put it in milk and rushed her to dentist.  Got it put back and she went right back out and got on the horse!  Silly girl.
One day I heard Hols yelling and I ran out to see her carrying Anne down off the top pasture, they'd been running barrels and Anne forgot and used her spurs on Hols horse, Ginger. Ginger crow hopped and Anne went under horse, breaking left ankle and she had hoof print on right arm that was flapped down squirting blood as Hols carried her.  Holly had to stay to take care of the horses while I took Anne to the hospital.  Hols came to see Anne the next day bringing her a card from horse, Ginger... on it, it said... I am SOOOOO SORRY!!! forgive me.  With big red lipstick kiss on it from Ginger!  Hols had put red lip stick on that horses mouth and had her kiss the card!  It was so funny, it was literally the talk of the hospital.  Just the right thing to do too, as I was scared that Anne wouldn't ride again as it took 103 stitches to close hoof print, but we got home from hospital three days later and Anne insisted that we go down to the barn to see Ginger!  She wanted back on her right than!  (Thank you Holly for helping Anne get thru that.)
She was always an outdoors kind of girl, no coach potato there. She got up saying, bye-bye mom! (meaning she was ready to head out the door! and her dad couldn't leave w/out her throwing an absolute fit, she wanted to GO!!!)
She loved to be DOING stuff.  The only time she slowed down was to read, she was an avid reader, literally devouring books. She could read faster than anyone I have ever come across. 
It was really cool that her teacher, Mrs. Richardson recognized that and was prompted to hire Holly at the Audubon Library.  Holly really enjoyed that job, especially reading for the little kids reading program and working w/Mrs.Richardsons daughter.
To prove what an ambitious kid she was I'll mention here that she also worked at the Redbarn, Darrell's Place, and for her dad spraying thistles.  I am very proud of her, she worked so hard to make the money to pay for the car that ultimately her life ended in.
During the summer we went to Yale for "fun shows" w/the horses. Holly loved going over for these shows and we made some good friends there.  She loved riding w/Megan and we loved staying w/friends Gaylin, Shannon and Hannah.  Gaylin and Shannon live in this itty bitty town, their home sets back off main street, and I'm not exactly sure how it got started, but Hols would be up by the house (usually on horse) and anyone that went by, she'd yell...
WE LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE YOU!!! at, everyone always got a laugh out of it and it just kind of became her catch phrase : )
Holly was a very good cook. She made potato soup for mom and Anne, spaghetti for shane, she made pies for Joyce, she made potato pancakes for grpa, but... yes there's a but, she was the MESSIEST cook I ever seen in my life!  She talked about going to school to become a chef, but personally I never did see it happening as number one she prefered to be outside, and number two, she HATED washing dishes.
Holly was very active in school and participated in Pals--mentoring elementary students, FACES, Leadership Club, she was aid in the special-ed class at the Elementary School, she was in plays, the chorus, President of the Band, she played flute-- she particularly loved to give her band teacher, Mr.Nielsen a hard time! (we lovvvvve u, mr. nielsen!!!!) 
Holly had planned on going off to college w/friend Megan.  She'd decided to take general studies and she was so excited about being off on her own, her and Megan were going to have SO much fun, and knowing my daughter, I am sure she would of.
Holly was neat kid, she'd give ya the shirt off her back if u needed it and she was always there if you needed her and I think because of that she was well loved and is missed alot.

Hols doing her favorite thing.
This is Holly working w/her filly Tequilla, whom is out of Hols mare Ginger.

These things were taken from her Senior Spotlight in school newspaper.
  • What do u plan to accomplish in your life?  BE HAPPY.
  • When you were little, what did you want to be?  A JOCKEY.
  • Mom's best home-cooked meal:  PORK CHOPS AND RICE.
  • Favorite radio station:  96.1 DELILAH
  • Favorite song:  "THE BARNEY SONG"
  • Pet peeves: LIARS, SLOW DRIVERS.
  • Nicknames:  HoLs, HOLLIS, DD, SPRINKLER
  • Dream date:  VALLEY OR MICKEY D'S
  • Favorite color:  PINK

(a note here, I have no idea when she changed favorite color from purple to pink, and she'd written at the special ed class that her favorite color was blue.  My guess is, she liked them all.)