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Hollys Haven

Our "Hols". 1985 to 2004.

Scott Kristy helped Holly's cousins, Erin and Sarah put a video of Hollys' life together that I will forever be in their debt for doing.  It was first shown at Hols visitation and it made a tremendous impact on all who viewed it, it was than shown at the funeral and I had so many people tell me how REALLY terrific it was.
Thanks again Scott, it's beautiful.


  • You never said I'm leaving
  • You never said good-bye
  • You were gone before we knew it
  • And only God knew why
  • A million times I've needed you,
  • A million tears I've cried.
  • If love alone could have saved you,
  • you never would have died.
  • In life we loved you dearly,
  • In death we love you still.
  • In our hearts you hold a place,
  • No one else will ever fill.
  • It broke my heart to lose you,
  • But you didn't go alone.
  • Part of us went with you,
  • The day God rescued you and took you home.


Hollys Heavenly Friends

A friend of Hollys in real life passed shortly after Holly, her name is Randi and I'd like you to keep her in your prayers too. She is buried a couple plots over from Holly and they keep each other company.
Below are more friends I've since come in contact with. I'm sure she's met up w/them and enjoys their companionship, just as I now enjoy the company of their sister, brother, mother, father, or just a caring friend.


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Please sign Holly's guest book :)  I didn't realize how much it meant to ME to know who'd been here and cared enough to sign the guest book... till I lost it, *sighs*  If you signed before, please go back and do it again, it'd mean alot to me. Maybe I'm just getting desperate now, hanging on to everything I can. We Lovvvvvvvvve Youuuu, and thanks for being here!  Mom.

Thank you to GROWW, if you've lost someone u love, go there, they specialize in keeping you sane.

I owe so many thank you's and I'd like to thank everyone that helped me in any way to get through this.  First there is Diane, Bless you girl, your the best. Next, Trevor, without you I'd never made it through the funeral, you were a special friend to Holly and I seriously have no clue how YOU made it through. And Grandpa Marvin, thank you for being there for me, I was honored you were beside me. And Cory, as Holly's boyfriend, this had to be almost as hard for you as it was me. I'm glad your okay. Deanie, you came into my life in the strangest way, but I will never forget you, you and your daughter Hols will always be in my prayers. The powers that be at the high school, Mr.Johnson, Mr. Zobel, thank you for getting the okay to have the funeral there and Mrs.W of the art department and all the kids that worked on it for instigating and creating the cement bench w/stained glass inlay, it is so beautiful!(a picture of it is coming, I promise) and all of Holly's friends at the High School, students and teachers alike. And thank you to Sarah and Debbie, your a wonderful mother/daughter team, love ya both. And Orshelens, Hols loved working there and your contribution seriously helped to clear Hols financial straits. Mrs.R (Gail), you helped get Holly and I through the roughest summer ever, I will never forget what a great friend you were to us, and it was so totally cool letting Hols work at the library, Hols was an avid reader and that was the perfect place for her to be that summer. Every time I look at the statue of the girl reading the library sent, I think of you and what wonderful friends you and your daughter were to Holly and I. And TBI, Mert, Mo, Floyd and Bill (sam's bill)-- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! without you, I'd be with Holly.

Friends, put this at the exact site car stopped.
This was the first day, Thank you Dodi for sending this to me.

See the 8 on this picture, channel 8, a tv station, did a segment on Holly, it was BEAUTIFUL. They did an excellant job of describing Holly and who she is/was. THANK YOU CH. 8
There were two flower sites, one where the car actually landed and another at the top of ditch next to the local walking path. 
I'd like to tell a neat little story here, a local flood went thru, water was WAY over the road, let alone the flowers in the ditch where her car landed, I was so upset, I was sure it'd all be swept away :(( but when the water receded, to everyones astonishment, the flowers and signs were still there!!!
Eventually, the site in the ditch had to be moved up w/the one along the walking path because the wild flowers got higher than the memorial flowers! So now there is one site along the walking path that continues to grow w/memento's and remember-me's. 
Hols' mom would like to thank everyone who has contributed to and cleaned up the site, it means the world to me that people care so much.

I'm getting pretty tired here, but one more thing occured to me, I need to thank the City of Exira for letting us maintain the tribute to Holly at the accident site. A special thank you Holly's Uncle Dwaine, Angie, and all the kids that helped w/it or left special things there for her. (I am really bad about taking pictures and ashamed to admitt I did not get a picture of it while the flowers were blooming, if anyone has a picture of that I would appreciate having access to it; an advance thank you to anyone that can help me out w/that.)>>>Okay, I got one, thank you Dodi, but i would like one of the site next to walking path if i could get it, thanks.