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I'd like to THANK the seniors in Hollys class. What they did for her so touched my heart as it was something that was so HOLS, it took my breath away. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you that choose to do this for Holly. It was just so neat! Something that Holly herself would of thought up!

Back ground: Holly's favorite color is purple, and she had a real dislike of shoes. If she had to wear them, she choose to wear flip flops if she could.

Holly died three weeks before her graduation. Because of it being a milestone in ever kids life, it just made it so much harder for us. I did NOT want to go to graduation, the thought of watching the rest of the kids move on totally devasted me. However, I felt a need to be there knowing how much she loved them, and while I knew she'd be watching, I wanted to share it with her. I got copies of all speeches (except Jessica's, and Jessica, if you are reading this, I would still like to have a copy of the speech. Thank you.)

After graduation, I was so shook up, I mistakingly headed for home and it hit me that I had not gone to hols place to share w/her-- I seriously should not have been driving that day, I was so mixed up and hurting, but I turned around and headed back to hols place to share graduation with her.

I cried showing her the diploma, I cried reading the speeches, I continued to cry as I told her what I saw, what her friends had done for her, but as I described it, I stopped crying and this really good feeling came over me, and as I described what happened, I felt a bubble of laughter coming out, and while it didn't really surface, I smiled. This was something that was just SO Holly, whomever came up w/the idea, Bless You, and for all you that did it, KNOW... She loved it, Way to go seniors!

I tried to tell Hols everything I seen and felt at graduation; this is a shortened version of what I shared w/her.

It was a warm afternoon, the doors were open, I felt the breeze blowing through as I skimmed over the speeches, trying hard not to cry... I did a double take at something I'd just read... just as I looked up to see the first kids step through the door in their gowns.

My heart caught in my throat, I simply could not believe they were really doing this for Hols, but glancing down at their feet, I seen proof of their true feelings for my daughter.

Those kids, boys and girls alike, had all painted their toe nails purple and were wearing flip flops in Hols honor! I can't begin to tell you how touched I was that these kids would do something like that, it was so totally COOL, and I know Hols loved it.