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Hollys Haven

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This is Hols cat KiKi, and our dog Teddy.

Do our pets go to heaven?

"You bet they do.  I cannot count the times that a person on the other side has shown me the pet that was so loved in the physical right there with them.  From cats, to dogs to horses and even an iguana they are holding them, playing with them or just showing them. "
I found this on the internet, I'm not sure what exactly I believe  these days, it's just all too confusing, but this brought me a measure of comfort because Hols cat, KiKi passed shortly after Holly.  My spin on it when trying to comfort Ann was: that cat was so street smart, there is no way she accidently was hit... HOLLY WANTED HER WITH HER.  (of course, I was talking through my hat, saying what I wanted to believe) but finding this helped confirm what I did believe... I don't know who wrote it, not  even sure how I came on it... it was just like a message sent to me.  Many things about Holly passing bother me alot, but I have learned to take comfort where I find it. 
I know she's okay, and it makes me feel so much better to know that she is surrounded by all her pets that went before her.
Holly took a real, I'm not sure what the right word is here, interest? when any of her pets passed, we always buried them, put up a small white cross and said a few words for and about them.  I always kinda wondered about her being so diligent in making sure they were taken care of right.  This is the honest truth... one time a hamster passed, middle of winter, ground had been frozen and there was no way to bury it.  Would u believe we had to seal it, triple wrap it, and put in box in "my" freezer! till ground thawed and she could bury it! Some of the things that girl came up with...
She was greatly saddened by the passing of two of her horses, one given to her by her Grpa Marvin, Pat, the matriarch of our herd, lived a long, if not crotchety life, as far as I know, Holly was the only person that horse liked... and there was a pony, Missy who died birthing, Holly's dad would not arrange to have them buried and being horses there was no way her and I could of dug their places, that always bothered her alot... I am really hoping that when she got there, she found them.  I told her that even if they weren't buried when they died, they went to Heaven and some day she'd find them-- Lord knows I had no idea it'd be so soon.
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This is Lady, hols pony, she loved her so much. With her is Gingers last filly, Tequilla.

Holly loved animals.  There was never a time that she didn't have them.  Her cat KiKi was her first love, followed closely by her love for her horses.
Holly was really incredible w/horses. She had NO fear w/them and always amazed me she could get them to do about anything.  She was an avid rider that and drove me crazy w/her can-do attitude. I was like you CAN'T do that and she'd say, watch me!!! Not to say she didn't have a few little accidents, lost front tooth when one reared and lots'a little spills, but didn't make any difference to her, she ALWAYS got right back on. (she rode, I think it was Ginger that reared, back to barn and put her away before we went to dentist even!)
Over the years she had every pet imaginable: cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, guinea pigs, miniture hamsters, regular hamsters,ponies, horses, calves, baby pigs... did i mention rabbits? lordy she had alot of rabbits! (I had to draw the line every now and again OR we'd even had buffalo! Oh ya, w/that buffalo came the nastiest-spitting llama u ever met! That was one time I HAD to say no, needless to say, she was crestfallen :((
She really loved animals.  I was surprised to see that she'd told the senior spotlight people that she always wanted to be jockey, that she did, but being a vet I thought was her longest ambition.